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What is B E S T?

Babysitter Education & Safety Training

Who is Start the Heart?

Start the Heart, LLC is Pittsburgh's most recognized and respected Training Center, located in the heart of Wexford, PA. Start the Heart offers CPR / AED & First Aid courses by the most qualified instructors, certified by the American Heart Association and the Emergency Care & Safety Institute.

What specific Babysitter course does Start the Heart teach?

Start the Heart teaches the nationally known and highly respected Emergency Care and Safety Institute - B L A S T course, the finest Babysitter Education and Safety Training available. Recognized by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

What does the BLASTcourse teach?

The BLAST course teaches Babysitter skills, awareness, responsibilities, prevention, safety, childcare, behavior / injury management and the prevention for specific ages
and stages of children.

This course also teaches CPR and Care of Choking techniques for Child and Infant, based on the International CPR guidelines.

This class is excellent for adolescents!

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Is this course recommended
for girls and boys?

Absolutely! Both girls and boys are encouraged to attend this outstanding B L A S T course! This course is excellent for adolescents who want to babysit or even for those who do not wish to babysit but have younger siblings at home they help watch occasionally, or they may simply want to stay home alone for a reasonable
period of time.

Parents of small children may offer this BLAST course to their child's favorite Babysitter. What better way to feel more comfortable with the Babysitter caring for your own child!

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What age is recommended
for the BLAST course?

Adolescents 11-14 years old. The BLAST curriculum is specifically written for this age group. If your child is 15 or older, call Start the Heart for our suggestions.

The BLAST curriculum is NOT written for adults or new parents.

Adults should visit to see the appropriate CPR / AED and First Aid
training options.

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We TEACH, MODEL and INSPIRE nurturing care.

What are the topics covered in this course?

  • Choking – Child / Infant - Following the International CPR guidelines, students learn what to do if a child or infant chokes. Each student is individually tested in these procedures, using advanced trainer manikins.
  • CPR – Child / Infant - Following the International CPR guidelines, students learn high quality CPR techniques with hands-on practice on advanced CPR training manikins. Students are also Skills tested on CPR techniques.
  • Child Injury - Students learn to evaluate the severity and urgency of a problem. Administering basic First Aid for minor problems is also included in this course. Students learn how to prevent injuries by learning how and why injuries occur.
  • Safety - Staying safe is discussed for the babysitter and the children in their care. For personal safety, they are taught what to do if they need to be picked up immediately from a babysitting job.
  • Childcare - Students learn the basics of childcare from infants to school age children. Practice is included for skills such as feeding and diapering. Nurturing childcare is emphasized.
  • Child Behavior - Students learn how to prevent problem behavior. They also learn how and when to call for help when managing problem behavior.
  • Babysitting Business - Everything from setting fees to refusing a job, students learn how to screen a job for safety, how to judge their own abilities, and what information to get from their employer.
  • This BLAST course is the best course you will find, offering your child the highest quality training available.

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